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Depending on how long you’ve been following me, you might already know that I was a professional GameGrid combatant back on the Grid.  The only event I really took to was the Obstacle course event, but oh boy, did I take to it.  If you can recall Anon’s parkour prowess from “Tron: Evolution”, just imagine those skills and multiply them by about… seven, and you’ll have a good guess of how skilled I was.  I was in the top five, all time fastest runners at my peak, and I got all the attention for it.  I got all the best render mods (clothes), I spent time with all the most respected and influential programs, short of the actual administration, and I got lots and lots of feminine attention, if you know what I mean.  I lived the celebrity life, and…

…well, I loved the praise and admiration, but, to quote a famous Porsche, it didn’t feel “happy”.

Alright, I’m just going to go ahead and say it.  I’m a terrible blogger.  I thought that all I needed to do was introduce myself and then wait for all the questions to come rolling in, and reveal my personality through them.  not the case -.-;;  So, starting on the 17th, I’ll be going through my back story and adventures of my own accord. (or is it a Camery?)  See you tomorrow.

Reblog if I’m actually worth talking to and you’d miss my blog if I left…please…

This is MY kind of music. ;D


Do you ever feel like you’ve lost a friend?


My mega children, how I miss you

Hey! :D I know those guys!


My mega children, how I miss you

Hey! :D I know those guys!

*Looks at inbox*

*sees cobwebs*


Went to visit Doc Brown today. He and Clara were celebrating their wedding anniversary. The whole family and I had a wonderful party. It was a blast.

…but now I’m very depressed.

Please don’t ask me why.

Is it just me, or does the internet on April Fools day remind you of that movie “The Purge”?

I think I may have upset a good friend of mine by being a bit of a pest. Any advice on how to apologize without repeating the incident?